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Assisting Property Owners with alternate solutions & Property Investors with unique property investment opportunities.
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Why choose Property Assist?

A fresh approach to property solutions and property investment. Here is a quick overview of how Property Assist add value to property owners, investors and how you can partner.


We assist property owners who require financial assistance, solutions or are in distress, through unique property investment products.


Property Investment opportunities offering predetermined returns on short-, medium- and long term Property Investment opportunities whilst helping people in the process.


ALL the role-players, (power partners and specialists in their field) in the Industry are participating to achieve the best possible and lasting result.


Join the ever growing community who participates in changing other people’s lives by investing & contributing your time, money and skills to our Non Profit.

Earn solid predetermined returns on your investments

Not only are you investing in property substantially below market value on which proper due diligence is done but will be changing and effecting lives positively.

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Looking for a divine interaction?

Life has the odd occasion of throwing a curve ball and we are here to assist you when it affects your life and property.

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Who are we

Property Assist was established by financial, legal, investment and property specialists to provide alternative solutions and investment opportunities specific to the property industry. Our multi-faceted solutions, provided within a strong regulatory framework and which is regulated by the EAAB, is unique and unequalled in the South African property market.


Property Assist Services

Property Assist provides the full turnkey solution to property owners and property investors through participating role players in the industry.

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Owners Assist

If you own a property or properties we as Property Assist are able to utilize your property to provide you with solutions and options which will change your current status in to one with an improved outcome and peace of mind.

Investors Assist

Property Assist the easy way to let your money work for you in property. Sit back and relax and let Property Assist provide you with the full turnkey solution facilitating procurement, risk assessment, maintenance, property management, Post sales process, rental and re-sale.

Sales Assist

Property Assist does not sell properties themselves but provide the assistance to Private Property Owners, Developers, Property Companies and alike to facilitate the sale of their properties.

Rent Assist

Due to the nature of the various Investment products and opportunities Property Assist offers three complementing property rental packages to address all aspects of property management, dealing with tenants, payments, maintenance, trust funds and agreements benefiting all parties concerned.


  • “ Good morning guys, took me a few days to do an e-mail that to say thank you. An e-mail that can not in many ways show my gratitude towards each of you. Chauke that handled all my emotional break downs, Jolene that for each day had a wise phrase and Kim with valuable advise - each uniquely contributed towards a time in my life that I couldnt convinced myself there is a silver line in each cloudy day. You carried me through admittingly the worsed 3 months of my life, emotionally, financially and physically. Words are not enough to thank you for the way you handled me. Restoring my faith in human kind, in the financial sector, in being a proud women fighting for survival. Today I want to take time to say thank you. Thank you for caring, thank you for fighting with me and thank you for assisting me in not losing everything. Posessions are not the most important thing in anyones life, but when you about too lose things you worked hard for your whole life, the realization of what you are losing, becomes unbearable. You lose your dignity, your pride and almost the reason why you are breathing.

    Well done Property Assist, I truely wish I can understand the real value of what you as a company contributes in a world that is cruel and difficult and I hope one day I can do something to someone's life to give back in what I received from Chauke and Jolene. Jolene, you are amasing! Chauke, I have no idea how you managed to calm down crazy people, all my respect sir! Kim, I am going to fight each day to keep my pride and not let other people walk over me and show with pride that i am the strong person I am. Love and respect to everyone that is part of the Property Assist team, names I dont know, but part of a company that brings change - PS: Ashley, you were right with your first reply to my message - and quote... "You came to the right place, we can help you" Shout out to you all! ”
    Property Owner
  • “ I had been praying for the Lord to open doors in the right places for property investing · From several scriptures I received this week I felt I’d received confirmation to go ahead with the deal · Last night I was watching a Robin Banks DVD about wealth and money – he said a phrase which absolutely sealed the deal for me, he said ‘’ultimately, your wealth/money must be for a purpose greater than you, it must be to add value and help change people’s lives’’ – that was when I realized I want to ‘’partner’’ with Property Assist in helping people in distress…it’s a win-win solution. ”
    Property Investor
  • “ Thank you for all the help which you have given me during the past year. You were a "tower of strength" to me at a time when I was consumed by fear. You were always there guiding and encouraging me - I really needed that type of consultation at a time when I had literally become paralysed at the thought of the "train wreck" that was headed my way. Sometimes just having someone to talk to who understands the procedure and formalities of property litigation is so sorely needed as most people haven't a clue and can offer no practical advice. Also sticking to time limits and do the right thing at the right time. I know that God has given me the Grace to fight, but without doubt, you and others at Property Assist were His Mighty Warriors in disguise. ”
    Property Owner
    Kwa-Zulu Natal
  • “ Thank Jolene your kind words this morning have truly blessed me. Thank you for going the extra mile for me too. I believe that Property Assist was sent to me through our Lord and Saviour, to help me to get out of the debt That I placed myself into due to helping what I thought was a friend. I am truly not concerned about renovating My flat, I can do that myself honestly. Our debt is the main concern, as our intentions are to sell the flat next year And buy a house, by applying for a joint bond with Nedbank. If Yahweh (God) is for us then who can stand against us!”
    Property Owner
    Kwa-Zulu Natal
  • “ Emilea ek wil net vir jou vreeslik dankie se vir al jou support tydens my moeilike en stresvolle tyd. Jy het my weer moed gegee toe ek letterlik op breekpunt was van stres. Ek was paniekerig dat die bank my huis sal vat en op auction sal plaas. Emelia.. jy het die ekstra myl gegaan om my te help en van raad bedien en ek kon enige tyd by jou aanklop. Ek glo God het jou met rede op my pad gestuur tydens daai tyd. Dank aan onse Vader. Jy is regtig n aanwins vir die besigheid waar jy werk Emelia. ”
    Property Owner
  • “ Nou iets heel anders. Daar word baie gepraat van "a face of an organisation", iemand wat 'n positiewe simbool van/vir 'n maatskappy is. Jolene is "the voice of your organisation". As jy met haar praat, wanneer sy antwoord kom daar 'n positiwiteit en empatie oor in haar stem. Dit laat 'n mens onmiddellik ervaar dat hiedie maatskappy professioneel en opreg in hulle optrede is. ”
    Property Owner
    Johannesburg, Gauteng
  • “ Hallo Daniel, baie dankie vir die wonderlike voorreg om met Property Assist besigheid te kan doen. Julle het weereens bewys die vertroue wat julle in my het met die verkoop van Kannabas Singel 2, Vredekloof. Julle professionele hulp en deursigtigheid het die verkoopsproses baie vergemaklik. Baie dankie vir julle ondersteuning en verwysings wat ek van Property Assist ontvang. Harcourts Select en Property Assist het een doel voor oë, en dis om kopers en verkopers te help om belangrike, en die regte keuses te maak in die koop en verkoop van eiendom. Nogmaals baie dankie vir die groot Blessing wat julle is. ”
    Power Partner
    Estate Agent
  • “ What a happy day!!! Ons is so bly dat die registrasie deur is. Nou nog net die betalings en dan is alles klaar. Baie Baie dankie, aan julle almal vir julle hulp en bystand. Dit word opreg waardeer. Hillmar sonder jou sou ons vandag seker op straat gesit het. Dankie vir jou geduld met al die vrae en telefoon oproepe!!! Mignon, jy is 'n ster. Ook aan almal wat jou bygestaan het om die saak af te handel, baie dankie. ”
    Property Owner
  • “ Hiermee wil ons graag Property Assist bedank vir die uitstekende diens en hulp wat ons vanaf die eerste dag ontvang het. Al ons sake belange namens ons is handteer met doeltreffende sukses. Vanaf die stop van die bankveiling van ons huis, die reel en afhandeling van die verbeteringe op ons huis, asook die onderhandelinge met ons skuldeisers was alles suksesvol handteer. Ons het ook finansieel baat gevind met profesionele handtering en met die suksesvolle verkoop van ons huis te Durbanville. Property Assist is altyd vriendelik en bereid om die ekstra myl te gaan om jou te help, so ons beveel enige iemand, ongeag wat jou finansiele omstandighede aan om van Property Assist se hulp te gebruik. ”
    Property Owner
  • “ Ek het gister middag baie laat u e-pos gelees en kon nie onmiddelik vir u terug antwoord nie. Ek was te opgewonde en wil net by die huis kom om die goeie nuus met man te deel. Met groot waardering en alle nederigheid wil ons vir jou en die span baie, baie dankie sê vir al die help en ondersteuning en dat julle names ons optree. Ons bid God se rykste seëninge op julle, jul families en die besigheid. ”
    Property Owner
    Cape Town
  • “ Phew, that's the best news ever!! Thanks for the confirmation. Somehow it now feels as if it is real. Please thank everyone that was involved and also went through the same amount of stress as us this week. We know that you guys did all you can tommake it happen. Thank the Investor most of all. ”
    Property Owner
    JHB, Gauteng
  • “ Ek en my man het sopas die die WONDERLIKSTE nuus ontvang. (DIE VEILING IS 1 EN 'N HALF UUR VOOR DIE VEILINGS TYD GESTOP!!!!!) Deur twee maande van huil en stress sou ons ons huisie op veiling sou verloor, maar het ons gehoor die veiling van vandag is gestop, 1 en 'n half uur voor die veilings tyd. (Dank die Vader). Dit is AWSOME, ons glo dat die Liewe Vader Property Assist op ons pad gestuur het, want alles lyk vir die eerste keer in 'n baie baie lang ruk weer rooskleurig vir ons. Property Assist, julle is 'n great team, julle stel julself beskikbaar dat Jesus jul almal kan gebruik om sy kinders op die regte manier te help, sonder om doekkies om te draai. Baie, baie, baie dankie. Julle het my en my gesin se lewens gered. ”
    Property Owner

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