Our alternative/out-of-the-box approach to property investment.

Our alternative/out-of-the-box approach to property investment - Part II.

July 2019

Property Assist is a trendsetter in the property investment space and offers various uniquely packaged property investment opportunities, which are available “off the shelf” for property investors to choose from. These are residential, commercial and industrial. They offer predetermined contractual returns, whilst not exceeding 75% of market value, all cost inclusive, with yields that are positive from day one and substantially higher than what the current property market can offer through conventional investment mythologies.

Furthermore, when we package the normal typical buy-to-let property investments, we present the property with additional benefits e.g. tax advantages, rental guarantees, added finishes and more. Opportunities for the more experienced property investors include joint venture transactions in developments and various other non-conventional opportunities.

The most important aspect which makes our property investment products is to be truly out-of-the-box is that you achieve all of the previously mentioned property investment returns whilst you are making a positive and potentially life-changing impact in the lives of the property owners.


There are many who want to become property investors but are unsure about the process.

It all depends on the investors’ current financial status, employment and creditability, which a property investment company needs to take into consideration to advise the potential property investor correctly. It’s easy to say: “just buy what maximum you qualify for, so you can enter the market”. That is not true though, and many novice property investors have burned their fingers that way.

So many young people are advised incorrectly, when they enter the property market, to just buy a property to keep and live in. That, however, is not property investment but rather buying a home, which is not a good property investment. Live at the lowest cost possible (with your parents if required) and utilize your creditability and available cash to invest in property, that will enable you to purchase a larger property in 5 years’ time to live in and have money spare. This will allow you to keep on investing and pay a substantial deposit towards the purchase of your home.

Yes, it’s true we need to enter the market as soon as possible, but strategically, with proper advice from a reputable property investment company.

Find yourself an asset originator or property investment company, instead of spending the time to continually look for property investment opportunities yourself, if you are not doing it full time.

Property Assist has capital growth (buy and sell or “flip”) opportunities (6 to 12 month duration), income and capital growth (sale and repurchase) opportunities (1 to 5 year duration) and normal buy to let opportunities available at https://www.propertyassist.co.za/

All opportunities have been screened by a thorough due diligence process on the property and the property owner by legal, financial, property, maintenance, sales, property investment, rental and property management specialists, before being listed as available to the property investor, which includes all the costs not exceeding 75% of market value.

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