Trendsetter or follower?

Which type of investor are you?

May 2019

Is your creditability and money working for you or vice versa?

There are 3 types of property investors we encountered over the years:


There are many people, who are ignorant of the various options of how to become a property investor and participate in property investment market.

When your daily passion is to create wealth utilising property, you notice how unaware people are that they can become part of the property investment community.

From persons who have just started their career and qualify for a bond/home loan even with no cash deposit, employees qualifying for government subsidies, high net worth individuals or current property owners, the lack of awareness remains the same.

When talking to millennials, they do not believe they can nor understand how to enter the property investment market.

Government employees are also not aware that they qualify for subsidies and has not purchased any property during their lifetime.

Do you want to be the person who works for their money their whole life to hopefully, one day do the things which they want to do or rather be an investor who’s creditability and money work for them and provide the opportunity to do what you want to do, now?


There are people who have already invested and continue to invest in property, but are still doing it the hard way, instead of smart way. Are you aware of the current trends and methods to maximise your returns with the least possible effort?

Certain property investors work hard, obtaining the required knowledge, with a do it yourself approach, not utilising the knowledge of skilled people, who have already learned the lessons and can assist you to avoid pitfalls? It’s not possible to build up the knowledge which trusted property investment organisations have done for many years in a short period of time.


Investors who build up knowledge and strategies to make the best investments possible with above market related returns, property as underlying security, which makes impact with least time spent.

The wisest property investors spend initial time to study the various options, attend seminars/webinars, read educationals and upskill themselves continuously. They invest the initial time selecting a property advisor and organisation, that already has the skill set and proven track record to provide them with the right opportunities to achieve their goals. These are the investors whose creditability and money are working for them!

Whatever you do, get in early. It is a wonderful asset class and investment vehicle that will change your life forever.

When you look at the residential property market and performance of property as an investment class in South Africa over the last 30 years, it has proven that even in the worst cycles, that it has never had a drastic drop in values and in the extreme cycles it was one of the asset classes that have recovered between 3 and 10 Quarters.

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