Property Developers

Property Developers

Property Assist has got a variety services and products which is specifically designed to assist the Property Developer. Some of the more current solutions and services offered are:

Assist in providing Sales Facilitation to generate Pre – Sales in a development:

This service is aimed to assist Developers who require initial sales to unlock the funding available from their development bond, require pre-sales to unlock capital to continue the construction of more properties, to secure enough initial sales to cover the founding cost of a development or just to do initial sales to create momentum in sales for the development (25% or 50% sales shows demand).

These opportunities need to be offered with additional benefits to draw the property Investor to purchase it.

Property Assist initiatives can be introduced during a more personal meeting after your unique requirements are discussed.


It includes :

  • Buy to Let Investors (Structured sec 13 and Rental Guarantees
  • Breather transactions (Providing funding for initial units to be build
  • Rent to Buy & Installment Sale agreements(Ensure no completed units standing vacant with predetermined capital growth and provide immediate monthly cash flow).

Funding for Developments

Due to the restrictive criteria of the various Financial institutions developers need to be far more innovative with regards to the funding structures for developments. Property Assist with its Property Investor Group and unique approach to bring solutions to property owners and developers. Property Assist work together with their power partners in the industry to create solutions which will benefit all role players involved.

Property Assist specializes in facilitation and structuring of property sales solutions. For a personal consultation to discuss your requirements with regards to facilitation of development sales please don’t hesitate to contact us on 087 231 1200 or email us at send your detail via the website contact us.

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