Hi, We're Property Assist

Property Assist solutions and products are designed to provide a win - win for all participating role players involved in each transaction at a fair price.

  • Who we are

    Property Assist was established by financial, legal, investment and property specialists to provide alternative solutions and investment opportunities specific to the property industry. Our multi-faceted solutions, provided within a strong regulatory framework and which is regulated by the EAAB, is unique and unequalled in the South African property market.

    Our Team consist of Chartered Accountants, Bookkeepers, Attorneys, Deed Secretaries, Property specialists, Rental Consultants, Sales Executives, Maintenance specialists, and qualified experienced administrative staff.

    Our associates are well established and esteemed Tax specialists, Attorneys, Auditors, IT & Software, Sworn Valuers, Maintenance Contractors, Specialist Estate Agencies, Insurance & Assurance Brokers and other service providers who are motivated to make a difference in every stakeholder’s life in the way and in what we have set out to achieve for them.

  • What we do

    This Organization specializes in providing unique and suitable property products, initiatives, solutions and services which includes:

    • Owners Assist - assisting property owners who require financial assistance, solutions or are in distress.
    • Investor Assist - offering short-, medium- and long term Property Investment opportunities to the public, funds and Institutional Investors, whilst helping people in the process.
    • Auction & Bid Assist – representing and purchasing properties on behalf of clients, from liquidators, financial institutions, auctions and other sources; Selling Property on Auctions and through Sealed Bids as a selling tool,
    • Sales Assist – assist in the sale of your property through our Sales Facilitation service, Rent to Buy Installment Sales products
    • Rent Assist - property management and rentals.
  • How we do it

    Property Assist provides the full turnkey solution facilitating procurement, risk assessment, maintenance, property management, Pre and Post Sales Administration, transfer and bond registration, rental and re-sale.

    Property Assist solutions and products are designed to provide a win - win for all participating role players involved in each transaction at a fair price. Property Assist have developed management and governance systems within a strong legal and financial governance framework which ensures property investors, property owners and other participating stakeholders complete peace of mind.

    What makes Property Assist unique in its approach is the fact that ALL the role-players (specialists in their field) in the Industry are participating to achieve the best possible result.

Our Mission

We consistently implement unique, collaborative property-based solutions in line with current property trends to address the needs of and create wealth for property owners and all stakeholders through enhancement of relationships and established governance procedures on a global platform.

Our Vision

We are an exponential kingdom property organisation that inspires, leads and sets the trend in utilisation of property to make people free.

Why we are in business

Property Assist, its staff, members and associates, are in business to assist and provide the opportunity to those who are in our sphere of influence who wants to join in and share in the opportunity to assist in:

  • Providing outcomes and solutions to challenges that people face, through property products and services.
  • Change the lives of those in our sphere of influence through our skills and knowledge to make them financially free by providing lasting results.
  • Providing property investment opportunities to investors, funds, institutional investors and more, which will assist others and change their lives for ever.
  • Structuring products and services in such a way that each transaction will be in the interest and beneficial to all role players.
  • All role players making profit and return on investments which will enable them to continue creating lasting results.

These outcomes are provided through our unique property solutions, products, expertise and services & your funding,expertise and time invested –All to create lasting results in people’s lives.

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