Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

Many factors influence the national credit score and credit status of property owners. Property Owners continually face risks of running into arrears, or making late payments and with rates and taxes being as high as they are this can negatively affect future financial applications. Financial institutions continuously do their best to assist these property owners to buy time and improve their status in order for them to keep their properties and or provide them the opportunity/time to sell their property.

Unfortunately many of the property owners don't want to negotiate with financial institutions or did not honor to the initial arrangements. The financial institutions are then required to take legal action and reposess these properties. There are significantly more options available to assist the Creditors/Debtor when the party owns fixed property and our solutions can be presented to the Creditor, agreed and implemented in such a way that it is mutually beneficial to all parties. To address this challenge Property Assist is prepared to work with financial institutions and utilize Corporate Impact Investment and Corporate Social Investment to provide unique solutions to address these challenges whilst earning returns on those investments.


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