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Property Assist solutions and products are designed to provide a win - win for all participating role players involved in each transaction at a fair price.

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Property Assist - The easy way to let your money work for you in property. Sit back and relax and let Property Assist provide you with the full turnkey solution facilitating procurement, risk assessment, maintenance, property management, Post sales process, rental and re-sale. An investment with Property as security well below market value with returns way above the norm. Watch your property investment grow through specialists and excellent governance for your peace of mind.Helping people whilst making money.

Want to invest in Property? No hassle no fuss with peace of mind. All the research and homework has been done for you! With a wide range of uniquely packaged Property Investment opportunities in all price ranges and areas,well below market value. Great predetermined returns whilst helping others.Property registered in your / entity’s name. Property Assist provides the full turnkey solution facilitating the complete process whilst your money is protected all the way.

Property Investment made easy and secure! All the homework done for you by experts in the field. Providing diversification within the property market without the administrative burden. Fixed predetermined returns hedging returns against downturns in the property market. Higher than market related returns, with lower than market related risk whilst assisting propertyowners in distress. Make a difference in your and others lives today.


Taylor-made property investment solutions to meet your required outcome! Property Assist utilizes the various specialists and role players in the property industry to ensure that the risks are limited, profits are maximized,distressed sellers are assisted,whilst all other role players benefit from each and every transaction. Peace of mind due to strong legal and financial governance framework and procedures for your protection.

Who does Property Assist provides with Property Investment Opportunities?

Property Investors looking for short, medium, and long-term property investment opportunities in residential, developments, retail, commercial, and industrial properties, locally and internationally. These includes Property investor clubs, private investors, Property Investment companies, Investment funds, institutional investors and Property Investors wanting to utilize tax beneficial transactions to increase property yields). Wide range of uniquely packaged Property Investment opportunities in all price ranges and areas are available for the Prevé and registered Property Investor.

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